I would recommend this course very highly! I thought all of the practitioners were fab - informative, not information overload and all lovely! It is everything I wanted in an antenatal class, fun people - really friendly and open, the info was pitched right. Compared to the other courses it is incredibly well priced and you get hypnobirthing and first aid which a lot of other course do not have.
Warm, fresh, modern, real, engaging and passionate professionals with so much useful information and resources and care. Loved it. Exactly what we were looking for. Worth travelling to. Wish the HPHB team were part of our medical team!
Extremely informative. Helps to take the fear away from childbirth.
Amazingly informative! Made me feel much more confident about being a dad!
Amazing course! Best preparation for any new parents
Friendly, informative and relaxed - felt comfortable asking any questions without feeling like I would be judged.
Really great course to learn all the basics to prepare us for our baby. The team are fantastic and totally easy to relate to. Met some great people who I hope to keep in touch with.
A brilliant course - so pleased we found it. It covered everything we could think of, opened our minds in several ways and introduced us to a great group of equally terrified prospective parents.
I couldn’t recommend this course enough. I still feel slightly overwhelmed by the prospect of being a mum, but I feel 100% more prepared and supported and connected to others who live nearby than I did before.
A fantastic course, masterfully hosted. Presented with care, love and humour.
A great sociable and informative antenatal class. Enjoyable and well structured. The team are clearly passionate about the work and it makes for a great course.
It was great getting progressive and open-minded advice from medical professionals including doctors and midwives.
I found every session to be relevant and practical. After doing this course I feel confident about the ‘fourth trimester.’ Thank you to all the experts who shared their expertise with us.
Great mix of experts. We learned a lot. Well paced and fun.
Very in depth course, worth investing in. Great way to meet people in the same area. Run by a lovely group of professionals.
Very good course for first time parents!
Hearing the news of impending fatherhood is undoubtedly daunting. I tend to over research everything anyway and in today’s online world this can be a dangerous minefield of time-wasting. This course cuts through the ambiguous by having succinct, professional direction in a comfortable setting. Truly the best use of time for your future dynasty!
Thanks so much to the team for helping us prepare for the arrival of our first baby. Informative, social and very well organised. Thanks.
The baby’s health and first aid sessions were brilliant. The course overall was very informative and practical.
Informative and fun!
Relevant and sociable. Promotes equally shared responsibilities/focus between both parents. Don’t feel pressured to do things a certain way and learnt a lot.
Great mix of informative and practical sessions to prepare parents-to-be for their new arrival.
Enjoyable and informative