The 'HPHB Honest Campaign.'


We'd lost count of the number of times couples told us their antenatal courses did not prepare them for reality. That's why our team - a midwife, obstetric doctorpaediatric doctor, infant feeding specialist and hypnobirthing teacher decided to get together and do something about it.

'Happy Parents. Happy Baby.' was born... a modern take on traditional antenatal classes - with no hiding from reality, no telling people how to parent and no judgment of anyone's choices.  

We are passionate about supporting parents-to-be. So we have filled our course with experts in their field, who bring the latest information, tips and hands-on experience to make the transition into parenthood as smooth as possible.

But let's be honest. No matter how prepared you feel, parenthood will still come with its challenges and that's why we are launching the 'HPHB Honest Campaign.' Over the coming months we will enlist hundreds of new HPHB parents, asking them how they've really found those early days, sleepless nights and endless feeds. We'll be asking how parenthood has affected their relationships and where they've turned to for support. We will feedback these pearls of wisdom to the very heart of our course. 

And that's how we will keep doing this better.