The Medical Use of Hypnosis


In our experience, some couples have been sceptical about the value of hypnosis as a form of pain relief in labour... until they have tried it for themselves. 

It may come as a surprise, that back in 1955 the British Medical Association commissioned research which found hypnosis to be 'an effective method of relieving pain in childbirth, without altering the normal course of labour.' It was recommended that all medics be trained in the practice. Even further back in time, major operations were carried out under hypnosis as modern anaesthesia was not yet available.  

Hypnobirthing may not be for everyone, but at Happy Parents. Happy Baby. we believe there is real value in arming yourselves with as many strategies as possible to cope well with labour. Many birth partners report that it helps them feel they have a useful role and practising the techniques helps bonding with their partner and baby during pregnancy. To read more about hypnotism's medical value and the history of hypnosis click here .

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